Ban Appeal
* Status: In Progress
* Your Ingame Name:-vash-
* Your CD Key Hash:a6661bdf7429a2a50c53802cc8ddb3e3
Approximate Ban Date:
Approximate Ban Time:
* Disclaimer: I have read and understood the PR Server Rules.
i think i was banned by teamkill, i didnt play in this server from 3 month now im still banned and my squad leader in the tournament, his training in this server, please can you unbanned me soon

In Progress

Hello -vash-,

Thank you for submitting your ban appeal, the admin team has begun to review your ban.

You may request the results of your ban appeal 7 days after this response, we will then let you know if your appeal has been approved or denied. If you do not request your results within 14 days after this response your appeal will automatically be denied.

Thanks again,

AREA 94 PR Administration

[Image: 81COWYj.png]

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