Map votes and choices
Casualty could you post a chart of maps that have been played? Would be interesting to know.
will do later, cant right now
[Image: wKOD4l7.png]
[Image: C12EMC.png]
(07-27-2017, 01:38 PM)mectus11 Wrote: If it ain't broke, why take a sledgehammer to it and fuck it up. just make votes that go from 2k -> 2k -> 4k -> 2k -> 2k -> 4k

[Image: cmqn8BK.png]
 [Image: pLXDhlt.png]
i guess the main reason HOG is always seeded and have enough players is that( i asked some players and they said same shit) they put the cool maps to be played i mean wtf map votes not good but randomly setting map by the server is better ? that's just stupid imo and still don't know how HOG is always getting seeded at euro time zone which there no admins around...
HOG is seeded because it's currently the only NA server.
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What are "the cool maps"?
(08-13-2017, 10:43 AM)Filamu Wrote: What are "the cool maps"?

idk man, that what most of those players said who always play on HOG, i didn't want to go deeper cause they  are retarded....

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