Player Report
* Status: Denied
* Reported Ingame Name:NeroxMKD
* Rules Broken:1.4.
* Date of the Incident:25/07/2017
* Time of the Incident:17:30 UTC/PRT
* Disclaimer: I have read and understood the PR Server Rules.
Dropping a crate on sq 7 I was badly damaged by a BMP and i return to base in a ball of fire and explosions, and i died trying to land, second later this  gossip player reported me because i "waste" the UH-60. At start of the round the guy that was playing with me in trans called "Levaski" was banned for wasting a chooper, i didnt see anything about what happend but might be the same guy that reported him. I please ask for a punishment for this guy, and i also ask the admins to inquire on a report instead of insta banning players. Thanks for ur time.

In Progress

Hello Potato_man,

Thank you for submitting your report, we appreciate your effort to help keep our server running at high quality.

The admin team have begun reviewing your report and will update this thread with the results of that review. If you have any further information about this player or incident feel free to post that in this thread as well. If you know other players who may contribute to this report, feel free to have them post their information here as well.

Thanks again,

AREA 94 PR Administration

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Hello again Potato_man,

After reviewing your player report, the admin team has voted 2 in favour and 5 against and therefore has decided not to take action against the player you reported.

Though we are not taking action here, we appreciate your efforts to help the community.

Thanks again,

AREA 94 PR Administration

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