The rules apply for everybody playing on the servers.

1. General
1.1. No racism or insulting too much.
1.2. Do not recruit players for your clan or server.
1.3. The primary language is english.
1.4. Do not false report any player.
1.5. Explicit nazi imagery (chat, player names, squad names etc.) is forbidden.

2. Gameplay
2.1. Do not use any form of an unfair advantage (ghosting, cheating, glitching etc.). This applies everywhere.
2.2. Do not disrupt the gameplay in any way (teamkilling, mum. spam etc.).
2.3. Do not use any suicide tactics except when playing as insurgents.
2.4. Do not attack the enemy's first cappable flag unless it has been capped or there is an attack marker on it or you can spawn there or have paradrop spawns or there are only 2 neutral flags in the beginning.

3. Communication and Teamplay
3.1. Every player must have a working microphone!
3.2. Keep every type of communication to a minimum.
3.3. Squadleaders require the ability to speak english.
3.4. Squadleaders require to use direct squad communication (def. num. 1-9) instead of all-squad communication when possible.
3.5. Grunts require to follow their squadleader’s orders.
3.6. Squadleaders require to follow their commander’s orders.

4. Squads
4.1. Do not be a lonewolf.
4.2. Do not create squads before the pre-round timer reaches 2.00!
4.3. Do not lock infantry squads with less than 6 players in it.
4.4. Do not request a kit if your squadleader did not tell you to do so.

5. Mainbase and DoD
5.1. Repair stations are also considered as main base.
5.2. DoDs are also considered as main base unless an admin defines it differently.
5.2. Do not attack or fire into the enemy main base unless it has both a flag and an attack marker on it.
5.3. Do not fire out of your own main base unless you are using aa emplacements or it has both a flag and an attack marker on it.
5.4. Do not camp or mine the enemy main base or choke points leaving out of it.
5.5. Do not build any emplacements within your team's DoD.

6. Assets and Claiming
6.1. Squads named "Mortar", "APC", "Tank", "Trans" or "CAS" claim specific assets and are considered as asset squads. The name has to be clear!
6.2. "Mortar" claims all mortar emplacements.
6.3. "APC" claims all infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) and armored personnel carriers (APCs) that require 2 crewman kits to be operated.
6.4. "Tank" claims all tanks (MBTs).
6.5. "Trans" claims all transportation helicopters and planes. May be locked with 3 players.
6.6. "CAS" claims all jets and attack helicopters.
6.7. Asset squads can only claim 1 type of assets at once!
6.8. Do not lock asset squads with less people than required to properly man all available assets except when allowed to do so.
6.9. The squadleader of asset squads has full controll over the assets. Do not steal any assets and do not take them if the squadleader does not tell you to do so.
6.10. All available assets must be used immediately on spawn if the situation does not lead to an immediate death of the asset after leaving main base (1 jet vs. 4 jets etc.).
6.11. Do not duplicate an asset squad that already exists.
6.12. Do not take assets if you don't know how to use them.
6.13. If the asset is not claimable or it has not yet been claimed the player who comes first gets controll over the asset until he leaves it.
6.14. All assets have to be used properly (not taking AAV just for roadkilling etc.).

7. Aircombat and AA
7.1. As a jet, do not get close to the enemy main base when you are not dogfighting.
7.2. As a jet, chasing an enemy jet into their main is permitted unless the enemy jet touches the runway.
7.3. As a stationary or mobile aa, manpad or jet, do not lock on to enemy helicopters or flares in or above their main base and do not lock on to enemy jets in their main base.
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[Image: wKOD4l7.png]
[Image: C12EMC.png]
Changed 6.3.
Added 1.5.
[Image: wKOD4l7.png]
[Image: C12EMC.png]
Changed 2.4.

The flag rush rule is more clear now. Sorry for the misunderstanding. "Rushing a flag" was interpreted as "attacking a flag that has not been capped once yet" before. We will soon have a system that automatically writes a flag rush kill in the chatlogs to make this offense easier to handle.

Rule has not been changed, only the spelling has been changed and it therefore does not require an admin voting.
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