Ban Appeal
* Status: Approved
* Your Ingame Name:tim2chins
* Your CD Key Hash:874b4472d8b972c8a3a0f3721df70d45
Approximate Ban Date:16/07/2017
Approximate Ban Time:
* Disclaimer: I have read and understood the PR Server Rules.
Banned due to Admin being friends with the int tk'r and false reporter.
Then abused over squad chat and when I reported further was banned by his friend. Serbia something or other (yuraslovvia or something like that).
I have played this game since .3 or .4 and never been been banned for anything ever (not even by Jevski). I know the rules and I know what is expected from the other players.
How ever tonight unfortunately I ran into and admin that has sided with his friend as opposed to the facts and I am now banned.
I hope this can be rectified in the quickest manner, we all have friends that play PR . I just expect an admin to be a neutral party to any admin judgments.
It is a temp ban, lasts only the round in which you were banned.

The player was warned of his actions. You continued spamming and insulting and calling players retards and insulting admins. You were warned to stop spamming and inciting drama.

The server is run by admins who decide what to do and how to admin. I was not going to temp ban a player which seeds and plays every day on our server. He was warned in game and in Teamspeak. But you continued your avalanche of spam and insults. And u got banned because you could not drop it and you spammed chat insulted. End of story. We admins govern the server not u.

Serbia something or other (yuraslovvia or something like that). <- Learn Geography and history.
Nobody sided with anyone, he was told to stop and he even got warned for it, the situation should have ended there but you kept making more reports trying to escalate the situation.

It was handled and we decided not to pursue it any further, if he kept on doing it after being warned then please provide is with more accurate proof than hearsay.

It was a temporary ban regardless.
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Thanks for your swift reply,

I think you will find my frustration comes from questioning why I was:
1: reported for asset waste and trolling
2: getting Tk'd for that logi

at the time I had built 2 of 3 fobs on the map, then killed the enemy sniper on the way to repair the APC
only to be reported for asset waste, trolling and then TK'd by they same person that I was heading to repair.
I reported these things and it appeared nothing happened
As I said I have played this game a Very very long time and never once been banned ( so you now have the privilege of that).
I appreciate your quick feed back to this and am thankful it is only a match ban.

The admin (you) made a snarky comment no wonder nonone joins yours squad:
I'l have you know I often and all ways lead squads not by choice because no one else does
Much to my lack enjoyment most servers go squad leaderless and I end up having to do it instead of noob tubing my way around a map like most people enjoy.
I enjoy running around machine gunning the enemy like the everyone, but I always end up squad leader because no one will.
I have probably built more FOBS than bullets you have fired. I do know how to play the game.
Just ask the sexist man from Serbia "Dereko" he has played a million times with me.
Or any long time player that understands the game and it does not revolve around assets.
Once again I am glad it is only a temp ban....Thanks for your time
This not a thread about who plays PR more and better and so on ,I have been playing this game 10+ years and had admined a quite of lot of servers, but things never change. You got kicked because of your attitude problems. Problem occurred, admins solved the problem in a way which you dont like ( You wrote "I reported these things and it appeared nothing happened" - Not correct, he was warned twice, it is all in the logs, plus the verbal warning and conversation in TS) and in spite of this u went on and on so you started insulting everyone, players and admins(retards, fuck you), so you got kicked, nothing else. You were warned for spam and inciting drama, but you kept going and going, I guess you got little lost in your big frustration. Your attitude is the main problem here.

If you want a civil discussion you come to the forums and discuss, instead of raging , insulting and spamming in-game(Chat logs are available.). And then come to our forums and play all nice. This is not a good way to create an normal picture of you as member of a discussion.

Next time a bit more objectivity and calm when you are in a situation like these will lead you to better results.
Its a temp ban
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casualty it's a temp ban
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Its a temp ban Casualty

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