About Units/Clans who would like to join
I have been asked the 3rd time now, so I thought I would make a simple post here:

YES, we can integrate units into the server. Simply contact me and we can handle it. The reason you dont see a "unit" button on top or anything like that is because we currently dont really have any.

We offer private forums that only the unit members can see. However, there is a base structure that every forum must follow:
- One page in a secret forum describing your unit, listing the members, unit logo, requirements etc. This topic will be linked with the navigation bar at the top. (You will get access to this whole thing when joining.)
- Applications Forums that allows people to apply. You can modify them on your own. Forms are also possible.
- The rest may be configured as you like.

However, you are in full charge of these forums. You can set your own moderators and not even the head admins can see what is going on in there.

You are also able to freely add usergroups to your unit members. You dont need an administrator for that. You can fully manage everything yourself once the forums and usergroups are up.

Other benefits like switch rights, reserved slots (currently unavailable) can be talked about.

[Image: wKOD4l7.png]
[Image: C12EMC.png]
Applying on behalf of Pacu for his new clan "mechinfu-withoutinfu"

-Lead blufor switcher: HacD
-comunication officer: Tymo XD
-Squad creation officer: Hunterscript
-maskot: Iceman (the angry virgin)
Good point, people should contact me instead of posting here. I will close this now.

(doing heavy negotiations with mechinfu-witoutinfo right now)
[Image: wKOD4l7.png]
[Image: C12EMC.png]

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