Player Report
* Status: Approved
* Reported Ingame Name:Batatalakrim
* Rules Broken:2.1.
* Date of the Incident:7/7/2017
* Time of the Incident:14:00 UTC/PRT
* Disclaimer: I have read and understood the PR Server Rules.

Skip to 5:30 first 5 minutes are useless
[Image: NYUQMoi.png]
[Image: C12EMC.png]
I can't tell if this guy is retarded not using his hacks right or he's trying to hide it and not doing a good job at it.

missing that LAT shot and not getting a kill on that AAVP, can't even use hacks right.
[Image: GiBg8uP.png]


Hello again Hunter291,

After reviewing your player report, the admin team has voted 9 in favour and 1 against and therefore has decided to take action against the player you reported.

In addition, we have decided on an appropriate course of action and we'll be doing that promptly.

Thank you for helping to keep cheaters, griefers, and rule breakers off our server,

AREA 94 PR Administration

[Image: wKOD4l7.png]
[Image: C12EMC.png]

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