* Status: Approved
* Your Ingame Name:[PR]EMC|cassius23
* Your CD Key Hash:b12bff92787634aa574eb23567274f56
I very much like the "quality" members of admin team of Area 94, therefore I want to add a bit of me and make the server seeded more often.

I cannot bring you any memes (no humor), only shitty polish gameplay, some sysadmining if required, maybe early seeding.

Used to be an admin for 2 years on PRTA server, until they couldn't handle me anymore.

If you'll make me an admin, I promise to make links clickable.

In Progress

Hello cassius23,

Thank you for your application to the admin team, we have now begun to consider your app.

You may request the results of your application 7 days after this response, we will then let you know if you've been approved or denied. If you do not request your results within 14 days after this response your application will automatically be denied.

Thanks again,

AREA 94 PR Administration

[Image: 81COWYj.png]
I'd like to receive results of the voting.
Quote:You may request the results of your application 7 days after this response

Quote:07-07-2017, 12:54 AM
[Image: wKOD4l7.png]
[Image: C12EMC.png]
Aha, I read the end of it only...
Soooo, now I request my admin permit.


Hello again cassius23,

Congratulations! The admins have finished reviewing your app and 10 of admins voted in favour and 0 of admins voted against. This means you have been accepted as a member of AREA 94's admin team.

Please spend some time reading the Admin Guidelines to familiarize yourself with the responsibilities and conduct of the admin positions.

Welcome to the team,

AREA 94 PR Administration

[Image: wKOD4l7.png]
[Image: C12EMC.png]

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