Forum Announcement: About Player Reports
Thank you for reporting a player and helping to keep this server clean. There are a few things you need to know, however:

Read the Rules

Are you absolutely sure the player has broken a rule? You can re-read the rules again using the following link:

Server Rules

Players - Junior Admins - Admins - Senior Admins - Head Admins

To let the justice roll it's way, not a single person decides about the outcome. All admins have the same influence on the outcome. It works as follows:

A Player is reported: All admins are allowed to vote
A Junior Admin is reported: All higher instances (Admins, Senior Admins and Head Admins) are allowed to vote
An Admin is reported: All higher instances (Senior Admins and Head Admins) are allowed to vote
A Senior Admin is reported: All other Admins of the same instance or of an higher instance (Senior Admins and Head Admins) are allowed to vote
An Head Admin... I am reported: If you really think I did horribly wrong, show it to me. I am always trying to improve. Hint: You will never catch me doing bad *huehue*

The Report Process
  1. You submit your report.
  2. An admin creates a poll in the private admin forum allowing every admin to either vote pro or contra.
  3. The same admin notifies you about the fact that the poll has been created.
  4. His statement will also contain a time and date when the results will be published.
  5. An admin will post the results when the time has come and immediately enforce the punishment if needed.
  6. If needed, the report will be published in the SA Private Forums and handed over to the other server admins as well.


Admins will suffer a stronger punishment than normal players. For normal players there are only two possible outcomes: Ban or no ban. While admins might suffer from demotions, as well. And admins are in general more likely going to get banned because they should be the role model. But they failed. Being an admin means the others should be able to trust you. But you can not trust rule breakers.

Submit your Player Report

Since you now know about our process, you can create your report by clicking the following link:

Submit a Player Report