Forum Announcement: About Ban Appeals
Thank you for appealing your ban (or trying). There are a few things you should know before submitting your appeal:

Read the Rules

You have most likely been banned for breaking our server rules. All servers have similar but different rules. You can read our server rules by clicking the following link:

Server Rules

Unban Process

To reach a maximum of fairness and justice, the whole staff is able to vote on your ban appeal - pro or contra. This is how it works:
  1. You submit your ban appeal.
  2. An admin creates a poll in the private admin forum allowing every admin to vote either pro or contra.
  3. The same admin notifies you about the fact that the poll has been created.
  4. His statement will also contain a time and date when you are allowed to request the results and a possible unban.
  5. The time has come and you request your results.
  6. An admin will post the results and unban you if the poll has ended positively.

The Poll

Instead of 2, the poll has 3 options to vote for:

Option 1: "Approve this ban appeal"
Option 2: "Deny this ban appeal"
Option 3: "Deny this ban appeal and deny any further ban appeals created by the same player immediately"

The Results

Option 1 has 50% or more of the votes: Your ban appeal has been approved
Option 3 has 80% or more of the votes: Your ban appeal has been denied and further other ban appeals created by you will be denied immediately
Option 2 and 3 combined has more than 50% of the votes: Your ban appeal has been denied. You may create your next ban appeal two weeks after the latest ban appeal's results got requested

Create your Ban Appeal

Since you now know about our process, you can create your ban appeal by clicking the following link:

Submit a Ban Appeal